Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earth quake! yes!

Yes the earth is quaking!!!
Millions die due to catastrophic tsunami and millions here want to destroy harmony, while the other groups are busy updating statuses and blogging! What sense does it make??
Yet I’m here again writing something regardless what happens next!
What is to be done about the agitation going on in the state is not in specific created a social rage , ruckus and lots of agony! What happens in a fit of a second is not the answer. Getting to the bottom of the issue is something very easier said than done and not a single being is willing to do that.
Mass hysteria is an epidemic. No wonder it would take eons to let go this feeling and the system in vogue!
Change is inevitable; we only don’t know when to look forward to it.
Then why do they call it social responsibility after all???
actions do reflect human behaviour .
 call it social sabotage! 


Anup Chowdary said...

When Talibans destroyed Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan, they called them Terrorist. Then what are these people?

yojitA said...

they call themselves social reformers fighting for people's rights!!
u can call them whatever u want to!

CRD said...

They're rebels without a clue...

Nice visiting your blog after ages.


CRD said...


yojitA said...

@CRD : :)
yea its been a long time!