Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MEN have their uses too!!!!

The day has finally come when women no longer need men for any practical purpose.
So what are men still good for??
Some of my anonymous friends very quickly replied when i popped this question and the answers are  rather sarcastic and creative too!!
Here we goooo...
one major use of the male species is for opening jars and bottles!!! :D
$ good for disposing off cockroaches,lizards and other household pests!!
$ taller males are just what you need when a recipe calls for an ingredient from the top shelf of your kitchen !!
$ need one to bash up the bad guys
$ it's great to have a guy with you when you go shopping!
$ and one day when you're not feeling so great, a broad shoulder to cry on! :)
$ we also love men for bringing us flowers, chocolates and for holding open doors!! :P 

P.S. i hereby declare that i'm not targeting any specific being or the male community as a whole! its just a funny thought that passed by! any criticism is welcome!!!!
women +men= Peace+ perfect balance :D 


I stared at myself in the mirror,
wanting to free myself.
Yet, hard as i tried 
to peel off the layers
I couldn't:
by my own biases,
and those of my peers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


wonder why everything seems soo  perfect and good when its raining!! nothing else seems to be bothering me ,,just lie down with a book ,coffee and a window with drops of  water dripping..thats all it takes to make life easier !! umm not exactly but why do people get  philosophical and romantic when it rains and not when one's sweating it out in the sun???  sooo many poems and whatever come out!!!all the  rain songs!! so much on rain!