Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I sat on a rock
photo courtesy : Bharat vyas :D 
Quietly..very quietly
The next moment I 
Well, i just wasn't there
Either that or the opposite
I was everywhere
I dismissed the latter as foolish
But by the time my thought ended
I was back to my old self again.
Often this would repeat itself.
I felt as if i wasn't there,
Physically when i was.
And also psychologically empty.
Some said i was confused;
The more extravagant would say,
"I think you need a psychiatrist."
But i didn't believe either
I continued to live,
And these incidents became more frequent;
Infact i started enjoying them.
I didn't care what people said.
And anyway i'd rather be insane and unconditioned;
Than a narrow-minded mechanical thing!

p.s : this post and the one below actually originated while browsing through his photography [http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=781650120] awesome!

longing for home!

You've come at last
May be i could leave with you
I'm longing to go back home
My heart aches from the waiting
SOme trains arrive , some depart!

photo courtesy Bharat Vyas!:)