Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I sat on a rock
photo courtesy : Bharat vyas :D 
Quietly..very quietly
The next moment I 
Well, i just wasn't there
Either that or the opposite
I was everywhere
I dismissed the latter as foolish
But by the time my thought ended
I was back to my old self again.
Often this would repeat itself.
I felt as if i wasn't there,
Physically when i was.
And also psychologically empty.
Some said i was confused;
The more extravagant would say,
"I think you need a psychiatrist."
But i didn't believe either
I continued to live,
And these incidents became more frequent;
Infact i started enjoying them.
I didn't care what people said.
And anyway i'd rather be insane and unconditioned;
Than a narrow-minded mechanical thing!

p.s : this post and the one below actually originated while browsing through his photography [http://www.facebook.com/photos.php?id=781650120] awesome!

longing for home!

You've come at last
May be i could leave with you
I'm longing to go back home
My heart aches from the waiting
SOme trains arrive , some depart!

photo courtesy Bharat Vyas!:)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


HOW i wish i could write more !!! write daily! and  put some sense in this blog!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MEN have their uses too!!!!

The day has finally come when women no longer need men for any practical purpose.
So what are men still good for??
Some of my anonymous friends very quickly replied when i popped this question and the answers are  rather sarcastic and creative too!!
Here we goooo...
one major use of the male species is for opening jars and bottles!!! :D
$ good for disposing off cockroaches,lizards and other household pests!!
$ taller males are just what you need when a recipe calls for an ingredient from the top shelf of your kitchen !!
$ need one to bash up the bad guys
$ it's great to have a guy with you when you go shopping!
$ and one day when you're not feeling so great, a broad shoulder to cry on! :)
$ we also love men for bringing us flowers, chocolates and for holding open doors!! :P 

P.S. i hereby declare that i'm not targeting any specific being or the male community as a whole! its just a funny thought that passed by! any criticism is welcome!!!!
women +men= Peace+ perfect balance :D 


I stared at myself in the mirror,
wanting to free myself.
Yet, hard as i tried 
to peel off the layers
I couldn't:
by my own biases,
and those of my peers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


wonder why everything seems soo  perfect and good when its raining!! nothing else seems to be bothering me ,,just lie down with a book ,coffee and a window with drops of  water dripping..thats all it takes to make life easier !! umm not exactly but why do people get  philosophical and romantic when it rains and not when one's sweating it out in the sun???  sooo many poems and whatever come out!!!all the  rain songs!! so much on rain!

Friday, May 14, 2010


There was a flash!
sweat trickled down my face,
i felt terrible

I sat still
i thought it was an earth quake

then my tooth fell out!

!!!! St.Phelomena


 thought i could get the spider web in to the pic soo foolishly but only the trapped leaves came in!!

My african lady!!!

p.s. i like her pout!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A biased mind!

Held by chains
To one line of thought,
Immobile as a tree,
fixed to earth,
Hypnotised by one idea
A captive planet revolving
Around its star!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There comes a  time when
some of my so called  'default' stuff
have to go through  unavoidable circumstances..
all my caffiene shots turn to "green tea shots"
comfy nocturnal habits vanish in to thin air
every small joint in the body craves for a tranquilizer
wierdness reaches it heights
heart races like now or never
all the neurons come in to action at once
breeding chaos everywhere
popping  pills become a ritual
random thoughts wind and unwind

DUDE :::::: its EXAM TIME !!!!!!!!
[well its not rocket science though but still my brain was programmed in sucha way that 'exam= lots of tension and palpitations!! INHIBITIONS !! all stupid inhibitions, trying to get rid of em though!!:) ]

Saturday, February 13, 2010

TO a NOISY neighbour!!

I agree
you are the master of your home.
could you perhaps soften your voice,
could you perhaps stop the decibels,
from floating across the fence???
Talking is your birth right
BUT SLEEPINg could be mine!!!


It swallows me whole
And doesnt let go
Until i fight it
And wriggle out of its grasp.
A blanket of comfort
Between me and the world.

p.s:  sleep seems to be the important thing on my agenda only during exams.Because i put my heart and soul in it when there's a lotta stuff to complete.Feels like the right time for it .BUt why???? I've miles to go  before i sleep! BUt im no robert frost dude!!
Still i've miles to go before i sleep!!!!!